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Water Booster / Air Break

The MetaBoost from Metafix is a compact, low cost mains 240Volt water pressure booster system. MetaBoost features a compact holding tank and a WRC approved float valve. The pump has a maximum flow of 40 litres per min and a total head of 40 Metres, through a 1 inch suction and discharge pipe. 

MetaBoost incorporates an electronic, hydraulic flow sensor which automatically turns the pump on and off when water is demanded.

The rear of the tank has a large overflow cut-out and is designed to give a true class A/B air break.

In the unlikely event of a float valve failure, full flood protection is given with our exclusive Aqua-Stop valve. Operated by a single AA battery (supplied), the AquaStop has a external sensor which continuously monitors the overflow and floor area around the MetaBoost. In the event of an overflow or leak the AquaStop instantly switches off the mains water supply.

MetaBoost is a great solution to boost water pressure and provide a class A/B air break.

  • Backflow prevention (class A/B)

  • Low cost

  • Easily installed

  • 40 Metre head

  • 40 litres flow per minute

  • Peace of mind automatic leak protection

  • Compact design 61.5 cm High 30.5 cm wide 27 cm deep

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