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Automatic Bioslime Elimination

Automatic Bioslime Elimination System

By incorporating a state of the art microprocessor, exact amounts of Metafix’ high performance wash control biocide is metered into the processors wash tank only when required to keep a precise ratio in the water.

The compact design holds one litre of super concentrate biocide, which cuts down on expensive shipping and results in easy handling for health and safety.


This solution is supplied in three blends, “A”, “B” and “C”. By using alternate blends the bugs never get used to the biocide resulting in low injection rates and low treatment costs.


The built in screen shows how many litres of water have been treated and the dose ratio. A built in alarm system indicates when the biocide solution runs low.


The results? “ Clean processor, wash tanks and drains.”

  • Low cost

  • Economical

  • Wall mounted

  • Totally sealed unit (no chemistry smells)

  • Requires only a 240v power socket

  • Compact design: 17 cm H x 13.5 cm W x 8.5 cm D

  • Easy to install and maintain

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