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Fountain Solution Control System

Metafix FSCS

As the conditions of your press run evolve, our uniquely designed system automatically monitors, adjusts and replenishes your fountain solution accordingly. So you get precisely controlled conductivity for more consistent quality in your press runs and less downtime.

Metafix Fountain Solution Control System (FSCS) delivers real-time data, every minute, 24/7, on how your fountain solution is performing. The moment your fountain solution is no longer within its optimal range, our Metatrax™ online monitoring service instantly e-mails / calls your assigned people, so you can set your fountain solution and forget about it.


So don’t let your fountain solution leach away your profits. Take control today and contact us.


  • Reduce downtime, wasted paper and ink. As precisely controlled fountain solution conductivity results in more consistent quality in your print runs


  • Sharpen your job costing by monitoring and reporting real-time your fountain solution 24/7

  • Start your print runs faster as you develop performance profiles on different paper stocks

  • Trouble-shoot in less time by not having to chase “phantom fountain solution” problems

  • Lessen wear-and-tear on plates and blankets while reducing your requirements for blanket washing and solvents

  • Recycle your “waste” fountain solution since now you know how “old” it is. Achieve zero discharge and save on potential hauling costs 


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