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Silver Recovery Cartridge

High capacity Metallic Replacement Cartridges. MiX eXchangers ensure maximum silver recovery and compliance with the most stringent silver discharge regulations.

MiX eXchangers are filled with MetaWool, an innovative medium which takes metallic recovery cartridge technology to a higher level. MetaWool is a non–toxic mixture of iron and natural fibre. These components are blended to form a porous, yet resilient surface for the silver to adhere to. The iron and fibre work together in a kind of “buddy system” in which particles of iron are surrounded by companion fibre particles. This allows the silver rich solution to flow randomly through the eXchanger, virtually eliminating channelling and allowing for higher flow rates.

Efficiency and capacity are also greatly increased. MiX eXchangers are available in two models: “P” or pump, which is used when silver rich solutions (bleach-fix stabiliser low flow wash) are metered. The “G” or gravity model is used when black and white fixer is gravity fed from the processors overflow. Inlets and outlets are located on top of the eXchangers for convenient hook-up and replacement. MiX eXchangers also feature a bypass assembly to prevent backup to the processor (“G” models only). MiX eXchangers are designed to be used once only. This means there is no messy re-coring and most importantly no re-coring charges. Users are guaranteed new eXchangers along with a manufacturer warranty the first and every time.

  • Used as either a primary or secondary method to recover silver from photo-solutions

  • Available in (G) gravity or (P) pumped versions

  • For use in single, parallel and series installations

  • Easy to maintain, no need to re-core and simple to install

  • One time use means there is no messy re-coring and no re-coring charges

  • Ensures compliance with the most stringent silver discharge regulations (less than 1 ppm)

  • Four sizes available from the smallest photo-lab to the largest refiners

  • Moulded cap and bottle are designed to withstand rigorous shipping Units shown: MiX 1400 18” x 8.5”. MiX 2000 24” x 8.5”

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