Aqua Stop Flood Protection 

Exclusive to Metafix, the AquaStop is an automatic valve which shuts off the water supply to any appliance connected to mains water in the event of a leak.

This ingenious electronic device connects between the mains water supply and any water drawing appliance. Operated by a single AA battery (supplied), the AquaStop has a external sensor which continuously monitors the floor area around your appliance.

In the event of a leak the AquaStop instantly switches off the mains water supply eliminating serious flood damage and saving £££. Uses include: Photo-processors, Chemical Mixers, Plate Processors, Washing Machines, Dish Washers


In fact anything connected to a water supply. Installation takes seconds, simply undo your washing machine hose from the wall, screw on Aquastop and re-connect the hose. Lay the sensor on the floor next to your appliance an you are protected!


  • Low cost.

  • Battery included.

  • Easily installed in seconds.

  • Could save £££ thousands.

  • Peace of mind automatic leak protection.,