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Aqua Stop Flood Protection 

Aqua Stop Flood Protection

Exclusive to Metafix, the AquaStop is an automatic valve which shuts off the water supply to any appliance connected to mains water in the event of a leak.

This ingenious electronic device connects between the mains water supply and any water drawing appliance. Operated by a single AA battery (supplied), the AquaStop has a external sensor which continuously monitors the floor area around your appliance.

In the event of a leak the AquaStop instantly switches off the mains water supply eliminating serious flood damage and saving £££. Uses include: Photo-processors, Chemical Mixers, Plate Processors, Washing Machines, Dish Washers


In fact anything connected to a water supply. Installation takes seconds, simply undo your washing machine hose from the wall, screw on Aquastop and re-connect the hose. Lay the sensor on the floor next to your appliance an you are protected!


  • Low cost.

  • Battery included.

  • Easily installed in seconds.

  • Could save £££ thousands.

  • Peace of mind automatic leak protection.

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