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Wash Control Biocide

“No more slime in your processors wash water!” Wash control biocide from Metafix is a full spectrum biocide to ensure your processors wash bath is kept free from algae and bio-slime build up.

Processor wash tanks are always prone to bio slime build up because of the inherent dark warm environment of the inside of the processor. Because many processors are fed from header tanks, bio slime is forming before the water even reaches the processor. Wash Control can save hours of time spent cleaning the processor and help keep drains clean, saving pounds. Wash Control can be manually dosed by hand or automatically with one of our dosing systems. The result is a clean processor wash tank and cleaner drains.

  • Economical to use

  • 1000ml handy size

  • Hand or automatic dose

  • Keeps wash baths slime free ensuring clean film output

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