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Chemical Transfer System

Metafix Maxi-5 Chemical Transfer System

The new Maxi-5 is a low cost chemical transfer system which can be used to transfer chemicals from low level processors to drain or for remote collection.

Used in conjunction with a Metafix MiX cartridge it becomes a high efficiency silver recovery system ensuring a legal, silver free effluent discharge to drain, ideal for low volume processors.

Available in LF (low flow) 500ml/min or HF (high flow) 30 litres/min and with a single or twin tank/pump configuration for developer and fixer. It has to be the most versatile system available.

The tank has a holding / buffering capacity of 27 litres or 2 x 13 litres when used in the double tank configuration. A 102 dB battery powered high level alarm is also fitted to alert the user of any possible overflow situation. 24 volt operation via a plug in transformer ensures safe user operation

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