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Minilab Rinse Saver

The Rinse Saver RO/DI System works automatically and inline to treat your incoming processor water, guaranteeing water quality and consistency. The system is easy to use, and offers a great saving, eliminating the need for chemical print and film stabilisers, often saving up to £0.03/roll and up to £0.003/print processed. If using expensive DI filters, the costs are greatly reduced by using this system.

The Rinse Saver System treats incoming water, removing hardness and other contamination. The RO/DI processed water replaces existing chemical stabilisers in the developing and printing processes, offering photo labs a significant cost savings opportunity. Utilising our unique filtration system, the Rinse Saver offers significant cost savings to photo labs using other DI systems, through our extended filter life. Rinse Saver filters last over 10 times longer than other DI systems on the market.


For a typical photo-lab using chemical stabiliser and processing around 50 rolls per day, the return on Investment for the Rinse Saver System is just over 7 months! In just 2 years, this photo lab will save over £1600 in chemical stabiliser costs! In a photo-lab with an existing DI system, averaging around 50 rolls per day with average water quality, you can expect to spend over £800 per year on filters for your existing DI system. Using the Rinse Saver System, operating cost for the Rinse Saver is under £150 per year!


  • Eliminates chemical stabilisers

  • Six stage filtration

  • Auto flushing Membrane

  • Consistent incoming water quality

  • Microprocessor controlled with LED display, identifies exactly when the filters need replacing

  • Built in TDS meter showing water quality and working time

  • Pumped water supply

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