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Pro Clear Biocide Injection System

No more slime in your processors wash water An innovatively designed biocide injection system, operating by water pressure alone and requiring no electrical supply.

The Pro-Clear ensures a slime free wash tank in your processor. By using a proportional mechanical dosing pump, exactly the correct amount of biocide is always present in your wash water tank. Unlike some units, the ratio of mix is infinitely variable so you can adjust the mix up or down depending on the severity of your bio-slime problem. The pump is powered by the water flow so no electricity supply is required and installation is simplicity itself.


Two different blends of biocides are available these formulae's being supplied on alternate orders to the customer. This ensures that unlike some biocides, resistance is not built up and dose ratios need not be increased. Please note that some water authorities require a break tank or RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone valve) to be fitted to the incoming fresh water supply.


  • Low cost

  • Wall mounted

  • Double non-return check valve included. RPZ valve available to order

  • Totally sealed unit (no chemistry smells)

  • Compact design: 45 cm H x 12 cm L x 12 cm D

  • Easy to install and maintain ( no power supply required )

  • Will service up to 4 processors ( on the same water supply )

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