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Metafix offers full service support for all its products

Through regular servicing you can be sure that your discharge to drain will meet or exceed the limits dictated by your local water authority. legislation launched by the Environment Agency puts an emphasis on reduce, recycle and on-site treatment. It also makes the producer of the waste responsible for what happens to it. (From cradle to grave). Waste producers who simply bin or haul their waste to landfill sites will pay a premium, those who can show it is recycled or treated correctly will pay little or nothing.

To show our commitment to the environment and performance of our products, Metafix has made a major investment in a lab to take in customers discharge samples and analyse the waste to prove legal discharge limits.

MetaTrax is the name given to our performance monitoring and reporting system. Our engineers will take effluent samples during your regular service visits, and download chemical throughput data. Our lab will then analyse the samples for silver and pH. A report will then be compiled based on these results together with the chemical throughput of your machine. A Compliance Assurance Statement Certificate will then be issued. This can provide the necessary evidence to your water authority or Environment Agency.

Metafix Service


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