1. Metafix introduces new steriliser technology

    October 12, 2017 by Tony Metafix

    Metafix (UK) Ltd introduces new technology to the UK market for the sterilisation of dental and veterinary instruments; providing the shortest cycle times available, along with simplicity of use and significant reduction in energy costs.

    The technology employed by the manufacturer CPAC Equipment Inc., uses High Velocity Hot Air (HVHA), a forced air heat exchange process that induces rapid air movement (up to 3000ft/minute) at 190oC to efficiently sterilise instruments. Unlike an autoclave, no water, steam or vacuum is required; making operation simpler, lower cost and more reliable. HVHA rapid sterilisation eliminates excessive heating – the prime cause of instrument damage.

    The first big advantage of HVHA technology is the very rapid cycle times available:

    6 minutes – unwrapped instruments

    8 minutes – unwrapped handpieces

    12 minutes – wrapped instruments and handpieces

    Unlike an autoclave, no steam or vacuum is required, so goodbye to filling and draining the steriliser with costly deionised or RO water and no drying cycle or wet instruments!

    HVHA technology enables longer instrument life, maintaining instrument sharpness with no dulling, pitting or corrosion caused by steam in autoclaving.

    Without water, steam generation and vacuum pumping, HVHA is intrinsically more efficient and reliable, less susceptible to malfunctions and breakdowns. In fact an independent study by the Rochester Institute of Technology found that the Cox RapidHeat HVHA steriliser used 84% less energy per cycle compared to two similar capacity steam sterilisers.

    The Cox RapidHeat HVHA Steriliser has had FDA approval for a number of years and is used for many applications in North America. Now a new collaboration between CPAC Equipment Inc. and Metafix (UK) Ltd brings HVHA sterilisers to the UK market. CPAC Equipment Inc., Leicester, New York, manufactures a range of sterilisers and associated products to FDA-QSR/ ISO 13485 and is a subsidiary of Integrated Medical Technologies Inc.

    Our new website for these products is www.hvha.co.uk

    Cox RapidHeat HVHA Steriliser

    Cox RapidHeat HVHA Steriliser


  2. Metafix UK joins twitter

    December 18, 2015 by Tony Metafix

    Metafix now has a twitter account, this will be used to publish latest news and updates and we look forward to you following us. Please follow us @metafixuk